The LifeSeeker Company
Your LifeStory

Life is about relationships, and experiences. LifeSeeker is about creating immortality for both of these. Our products define, preserve, and communicate these during your life, and beyond to your descendents.

Favorite conversations, action-filled vacations, recollections, and personal discoveries can be gathered, shared, and remembered.

The heart of our offering is you, or someone you love. Our writers and media specialists begin with a biographical story of your life, filled with as much richness as you chose. All popular media is supported including still and moving images, personal art and music, the spoken word, and reference to private and public collections.

The outcome of this adventure is up to you. We offer individual, family, and multi-generation products that serve as a ship for your personal journey, or someone you love.

And building a ship begins at the Carina, which is the latin expression for keel.

Your Carina is intended to start during your life, grow with you, and survive forever.