The LifeSeeker Company
Current & Past Projects

Our projects include Industrial Videos & DVDs, Commercial Websites, Systems Development & Programming, MediaGrams, Children's Theatre Video Productions, World Travelouge DVDs, Video Biographies, Radio and Television Media Capture, Photography and Professional Writing.

Listed below are some of our favorite efforts.

Inn at Mt. Ada Christmas Ceremony DVD, and TV Spot
Catalina Spa Manufacturing Industrial Video
System Development: S & P Brokerage Sales Management
Ms. Lori & Dr. Peter Trottier Wedding DVD & Website
Scuba Luv Diving Web Site & Brochure
Fiji Diving DVD - HD Video
Mexican Frigate Wreck Dive DVD
System Development: Scuba Luv Reservation System
S & P Brokerage Website
Science Fiction Novel - Down at Flathead
Universal Financial Group Website
Walden Theatre - The Early Years DVD Set
50th Anniversary DVD
The Holy Land DVD
Hangliding in Waimea Canyon DVD
Catalina Life II DVD
Four Generation Family Website - > 1000 Images!
Avalon Community Theatre Radio Troupe Recording
Swan Song DVD
2002 Silent Film Festival Tribute DVD
A Sunday Afternoon DVD
Science Fiction Novel - Lumina
Kids at Play - 10 Year Retrospective DVD & Presentation
Pratt Travelouge DVD Set - 16 Countries
Scuba Luv MediaGram Marketing System
Magazine Writing & Commercial Photography
Science Ficiton Novel - Out There
Video Visions Marketing Plan